Welcome back again to the biggest and awesome event of the year – SABAY New Year Championship 2013(NYC2013). This event is to searching for the best team which has high ability to solve the entire problem faced, strong enough to fight, has team work spirit which planned to show the world in order to compete for the massive reward. The competition will be qualified from 16, 32 or 64 team which starts to register from 15 March till 5 April, 2013. Please hurry up! Come first serve first, place are limit!
After registration, players will automatically a hero with level 90 and other items for the competition.

Date and place

The registration will start from 15th Mar- 5th April 2013 on MYSABAY.COM and the preliminary round will start on Monday 22nd April 2013. The team position will be drawn and random on Saturday 20th October at Sabay Company, Team Captains will draw a number that will represent the team and schedule place in the tournament.

  • 1st Round elimination of 64 teams to 32 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe .
  • 2nd Round elimination of  32 teams to 16 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe .
  • 3rd Round elimination of 16 teams to 8 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe .
  • 4rd Round elimination of  8 teams to 4 teams at Enter Cyber Cafe .
  • Semi-final of 4 teams to 2 teams at Chenla Theater.
  • Final of 2 teams to select Winner and Runner-Up at Chenla Theater.


  • Every competition will be 1 on 1 (5 members for each team) in Combat stage Arena to Heaven at ChengDu or QuanZhou (15min competition)
  • One team who can defeat all the members of their opponent team is the winner
  • If in 15mn there is still have members of both team alive, then we judge the winner of the match according to hero of each team who alive the most. Then if both team remain the same member less, we will have an extra match which allow all members of team involve. (Ultimate skill is allow once for each hero)
  • There are 3 match for 1 competition and 2 match win will decide the winner
  •   The winner team have to wait for the next match.

Item in match

  •  All competitors who want to compete in this event have log in MySabay account then go to New World (JX2 New Year CHAMPIONSHIPS)of JX2. Then in the game you get a new hero with level 90 and free school with a lot of item from Book of Event to compete.
  • For all the items which come from Book of Eventis acceptable but other items from any mission are not available. See here for more information

Notice: For new Mysabay account who want to register for this competition have to Enable service JX2 first in order to log in to New World (JX2 New Year CHAMPIONSHIPS)


  • If team leader or any members of the team were absent, there is only 10mn for team to wait
  •  If there is any problems with their member in their very first match for the team, changing member is available.
  • Increase level of the hero is not available.
  • During the match, all Ultimate skills are banned exclude in the extra match.
  •  All heroes cannot use skill from outside the Combat stage.
  • No dirty word in the match.
  • Talking to other team is not available
  • When hero of one member in the dead, that member have to sit still in their place, cannot move, cannot control their teammate hero who still alive.
  • One player can be the member of one team only.
  • There is no the same brand of sect in one team. (5 members, 5 different sect and brand)
  •  Agilemove Scroll is banned.
  • For any player or team who hack or crack software which lead to negative effect to the match will automatically disqualify.
  • It is possible to all player to bring their Keyboard or Mouse.
  • In case that any unexpected technical problems occur during the match, the match will be restart. But if the problem is means to or expected by any players, the match will be continue with other players.
  •  All competitor have no chance to change their hero.

Reward for the winner

  • NYC Championship: 3,000$, 20,000 Sabay Coin
  • 1st Runner-up:  2,000$, 20,000 Sabay Coin
  • 2nd Runner-up: 1,000$, 20,000 Sabay Coin
  • 3rd Runner-up: 20,000 Sabay Coin

Notice: Sabay coin will automatically transfer to the register account.
Company is owning the right to change everything without inform in advance.
For more information, please contact 023 22 8000