Living Skill

     is another brilliant world for all players in JXII. You can hide away from the hurly world of martial art and choose the professions you prefer. You can be the famous master blacksmith who can make good weapon and armor or alchemist, who can make up medicines and potions, and become rich or even the hermit who live leisurely and peace at a small village.

Living Skill Mission  :

  • Step 1: After you have reached level 10, look for Travelling Healer in Chengdu (215/225)

  • Step 2: Look for Li  Feng Shou (the Harvester) in Quanzhou (200/185) and answer his questions (Answers: 3, 3, 3, 4, 3).

  • Step 3: Look for Cloud Wandering Priest at Bianjing (169/187).

  • Step 4: Look for Liu the Axe Woodcutter in Bianjing (152/181) and answers his questions (Answers: 3, 2, 2, 4, 4).

  • Step 5: All Living Skills will be able to learn after you had learned how to produce Bun and bandage. Living skill can be divided into 2 categories, which are Producing skill and Gathering skill. You will need to choose any one type of the skill from these 2 categories to become Primary Skill. However, each character may not pick both Primary skill and Secondary skill from same category. For Primary skill, player can upgrade the max level until Level 79 (after quest activation), while the Secondary skill can only reach Level 79.
  • Step 6: Come to learn Living skill:

Gathering Skill :

Gathering Skill is skill that we learn to gather all living materials. We use those living material to product some products such as weapon, medicine, and etc…

There are 7 Gathering Skills :

  • Wood Cutting :Skill that we learn to gather all kind of woods to produce difference kind of weapons .

-Look for Liu the Axe at Bianjing (152/181)It requires an Iron Axe tool to gather the material..

  • Herb Picking  : Skill that we learn to gather all kind of Herbs to produce difference kind of Healing potion and Medicine.

– Look for Lin Herbalist at Quanzhou (194/184)It requires a Herbalist Hoe tool to gather material.

  •  Harvesting  :Skill that we learn to gather all kind of Vegetable to produce difference kind of energy food. (needed for  Culinary Art)

– Look for Li Feng Shou at Quanzhou (200/185)It requires a Pickax tool to gather material.

  • Mining Skill  : Skill that we learn to gather all kind of Irons to produce difference kind of weapons.

– Look for Dai the Miner at Chengdu (229/214)It requires an Ore Pick tool to gather material.

  • Tanning Skill  : Skill that we learn to gather all kind of animal Skin to produce difference kind of Cloth.

– Look for Zhang the Hunter at Bianjing (168/188)It requires a Tanning Knife tool to gather material.

  • Silk Reeling  : Skill that we learn to gather all kind of Silk to produce difference kind of clothes.- Look for Aunt Huang at Chengdu (230/218)It requires a Wooden Shuttle tool to gather material.

  •  Soul Gathering  : Skill that we learn to gather all kind of Magic Rock, Sand  and Scroll to produce difference kind of Charm paper and Identify Scroll.

– Look for Priest Mo Jun at Quanzhou (173/185).It requires an Alchemist tool to gather material.

Product Skill :

This skill is used for product items. There are 9 skill such as:

  • Charm Making  :learn how to make Charm and Identify Scroll. Look for Cloud Wandering Priest at Bianjing (169/186)
  • Herb Making  : learn how to make Healing Pill and Medicine. Look for Travelling Healer at Chengdu (216/225).
  • Culinary Art  : learn how to make Food and Wind. Look Royal Chef at Bianjing (197/180).
  • Headgear Making  : learn how to make Hat and Scarf. Look for Ming Master at Xiangyang (193/183).
  • Armor Making  :learn how to make Blouse and Armor. Look for Madame Drape at Chengdu (232/216).
  • Pant Making  : Learn how to make pants and skirt. Look for Purplesilk Miss at Dali (176/186).
  • Unique Weapon  :learn how to make Needle, Zither, Brush, Claw and Bow. Look for Mo Third at Xiangyang (168/182).
  • Short Weapon  : learn how to make Armguarde, Sword and Saber. Meet Mo Second at Chengdu (213/215).
  • Long Weapon  : learn how to make Cane, Spear and Stuff. Look for Mo the Eldest at Bianjing (178/188).