The King of Song Country is a commander on the punish war with Liao Country, It’s not a time of him. So he has taken 40.000 soldiers to run back Yan Me Guan Gate. Song’s King has resigned to wait a next chance for revenge. Don’t leave my unique chance, Song’s King run after Song soldiers at Yan Me Guan Gate. The war has begun…

Song Liao Battlefield Map

  • How to join Song or Liao battlefield?

You can choose 1 in 2 countries (Song or Liao) to join this battlefield.

            1. Joining Song’s Army: Looking Zhao Yan Nian (167/179) at BianJing

(BianJing : 167/179)

         2. Joining Liao’s Army : Looking Xiao Yuan Lou (162/173) at BianJing

(BianJing : 162/173)

*Note :

  1. When you stayed at Army side, you need to register fighting at Recruit Officer.
  2. We can start the war when we have enough 5 players per side. If not, we can’t start the war.
  3. The quantity soldier of an army side, who have registered fighting, needs lower 10 than other army side.

  •  Battlefield Rule

    • In the war, it hasn’t NPCs. You must default other player for survival.
    • You will receive 1 honor point if you killed a player.
    • You will comeback to life at Barracks after you died about 10 seconds.
    • You can stay at Barraks over 2 minutes since you have revieved.
    • When the war has started, what country has enough 5 players on battlefield it will be loser.
    • You can’t change your country during fighting time when you has joined it.
  • Rewards

You can get experiences and military merite as well as military points.

 Song Liao Battlefield has 2 grades:

  1. Primary War: If your level is around 40-59, you will have authorithy to join this war.There are 3 differences of Battlefield :
    • Village BattlefieldMission : Obtain mission from Army Escort Guide, 3 players from each side will be randomly selected to find a NPC and knower can be found in Battlefield. Defeat knower to get NPC’s coordinate. Talk or defeat the assigned NPC to complete the mission. When the task is completed, system assigned a new mission for 3 players. The side which has accumulated 99 mission points will be the winner.
    • Forage Battlefield

      Mission : Get a hoe from Supply Captain to start forage picking. Submit forage Supply Caption or Refugee. If you got Black Iron Ore from refugee, pass it to Supply Captain or <color=yellow> Caterans Headman. Caterans flage & drum will be given from Caterans only and it can increase friendly points with caterans. Caterans Flunky will appear if friendly point of the side is lower! Kill them to avoid accumulated points decrease. The side with higher forage point wins the battle.
    • Barbette Battlefield

      Mission :
      Conquer and occupied Barbette at Battlefield with longest period to obtain victory!
    1. Use Array Charm (get from Imperial Street) to get destination.
    2. There are 3 roads to reach barbette,
    3. Do not close with barbette as it will explode easily.
    4. Treasure chest on the road may help you in this battle
    • Primary war  (Battlefield) Schedule: Battlefield will open 2 times per days
      • First time: 2:00pm to 3:00pm
      • Second time: 6:00pm to 7:00pm
  2. Advanced War (Yan’s Gate Man Battle) : If your level reaches 60 or over 60, you will have authority to join this war.
  • Mission: Result of 3 small battlefields affects the main battlefield: Forage battle winner gets moremedicine supplements, Village battle winner will be supported by civilians, Barbette battle winner can control barbette (can be strived). Kill the lower rank armies will summon the higher rank armies. At the end, kill enemy’s Marshal to obtain final victory. side with higher share points win if marshals of both sides are still standing after the battle.
  • Advanced war  (Yan’s Gate Man Battle) Schedule: Battlefield will open 2 times per days
    • First time: 3:00pm to 4:00pm
    • Second time: 7:00pm to 8:00pm