Individual Random Battle Arena (Hundred Men Battle) is made for competition of 2 or above adventurers. No fee is required and no reward will be given to winner. All the participants in the arena can kill each other. The last one standing in the battle will be the winner. The maximum number of participants for the match is 100 persons.

How to join Individual Random Battle Arena

First, We can find Combat Stage Master at (ChengDu : 230/223, QuanZhou : 166/184, XianYang : 199/184, YangZhou:220/195). 

NPC [ChengDu : 230/223, QuanZhou : 166/184, XianYang : 199/184, YangZhou : 220/195]

Second, Click on him and choose  ‘Individual Random Battle Arena‘.

  • 3 sessions will be held per day. For every session will have 2 matches. Duration for each match is 15 minutes.
  • The First Match 
    • Participation is FREE of charge. Reward will be given to every participant after the match. However, winner will get better reward from us.


  • The First Match 
    • Every participant is required to pay 2 Gold in order to participate in the match. Gold will be rewarded to participant who defeated his/her opponent (defeat one opponent can get 1 gold).
  • Requirement 
    • At least bases level 60 or above.
    • Must have joined sect.
    • Amount of participant is less than 100.
    • Every participant is required to pay 2 Gold for second match.
  • Event Schedul: 11:00am & 11:30am, 17:00pm & 17:30pm, 21:00pm & 21:30pm.
  • Reward 
    • Rewards for the first match are listed as below. Every participant will obtain experiences, reputations and gold. Besides, every participant has certain rate to obtain additional rewards.
    Winner Reward
    Percentage Loser Reward Percentage
    100,000 EXP 100% 50,000 EXP 100%
    10 Reputation 100% 5 Reputation 100%
    5 Gold 100% 5 Gold  100%
    Jade Spirit Pack.S x1 10% Jade Spirit Pack.S x1 5%
    100,000 EXP 20%

    *The above mentioned rewards are applicable for current event only

    • Reward for second match is Gold only. Amount of gold is given equivalent to the amount of opponent defeated during the match.