How to join Five Poisons Sect

Mission of joining Five Poisons sect for every disciple of Five Poison Sect requires:

  • Required Level : Level 10

Joining Five Poisons Mission

  • Talk to Bai YingYing (201/198) and select : “I want to join Five Poison Sect.


  • First, Bai YingYing requires you to look for Gou Ce (196/197).


  • Talk to Gou Ce, he will ask you to look for Fang Yan (193/198) and then answer his questions.


  • Look for You Rong (205/202) and You Rong will ask for 1 silver from you.


  • Pass 1 silver to him and look for Xi Tu (200/204) now.


  • Answer the questions given by Xi Tu (200/204) correctly, after that return to Gou Ce (196/197)
  • Gou Ce will ask you go back to Bai YingYing (201/198)
  • Talk to Bai YingYing (201/204) to complete the mission.