Computer Specs Requirement:

Minimum Recommended PC


  • WindowsXP SP2, DX9
  • CPU P4 >2GHz
  • RAM 256MB
  • VGA RAM 64MB
  • Internet 64kbps, with > 100 ms ping time to our servers
  • WindowsXP S2, DX9 or better
  • CPU Dual Core >2GHz
  • RAM 1GB
  • VGA RAM 128 MB
  • Internet 512kbps with < 100 ms ping time to our servers

Download JXII Full Client:

JXII Online is now available for download from our servers, please follow the link below to download full client:

JXII V10.6 Client (1.6 GB)
JXII Game Guide Book (29 MB)

If you cannot download the client, please check out your nearest Internet Shops or pickup a copy of the game from your nearest Sabay Coin reseller.