• Start from 13:00pm to 14:00pm and 20:00pm to 21:00pm everyday



    • Joined sect already
    • complete learning skill level 55
    • Killer Hall Mask (purchase from Entry Mall at Imperial Street)

How to enter?

    • Go to Tang Clan -> Bamboo Satin Cave -> Bamboo Satin Cave 2
    • meet Mystical Guy (196/172) at Bamboo Satin Cave 2 to enter to the Killer Hall place

    • You can enter Killer Hall place alone or with your group by making party
    • After you go there, you need to wait until monsters appear and than try to kill all of them
    • Monsters will be lost after 5 minute and they will appear again (This action will regenerate until the event closed)

    • The treasure box will appear after the monsters are killed, so hold the treasure box to get mystical items, scroll fragment, experience and weapon (can right click on this weapon to get random options)
    • Mystical Guy can allowed more than 2 group to enter to the Killer Hall place, so please be careful during you open the treasure box because other group can disturb you during the opening box to take your box.

Note: During the event time if you or your group were defeated by other group or monsters, your group can come back again without spending anything.