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Registration and Creating Character


How to Create a New Account:

You must have a Sabay account by just simply click "Register" from the homepage or click on "Game Account" and then click on the button as below:


Please fill the necessary information to get Sabay account as below:

  1. Choose your Account Name and Password
    Please fill the account name and password as required below:

  2. Tell us something about yourself
    Please tell us your real name, phone number, gender, and age, as information for the owner of the account you are creating. We might need it later for protecting your account.

  3. For Your Security (Important)
    To edit your account later and to modify your heros, please enter a strong Account Password. In case your Account Password is lost or stolen, we can help you to unlock your account if your provide us with a Identification Number from a Photo ID, e.g. your Student ID or National ID

    After filled all the information, click on Register button to register new Sabay account.


How to Create Charactor:

You must go through 6 steps to login to the JXII : JXII Start -> Server Selection -> Login -> Create Character -> Character Selection -> Connecting to the JXII world. If you take a look at the following explaination, you can easily connect to the game.

1. JXII Start: Press [Enter Game] to start the activate of JXII.

2. Server Selection: Select the server that you wish to Login. There are multiple channel within one server.

3. Login: Type your account name on [Account] and password on [Password] -> Then press [Confirm] to start the JXII world.

4. Create Character: If you don't have a character, you can create a new one through the following 4 steps such as:
 a. Click on "Create Character" to start.
 b. There are 4 characters to choose such as: Standard Male, Burly Male, Charming Femail and Petite Female
 c. Submit the character name (6 - 16 Alphabets)
 d. Press [Entering Game] to complete create character.

5. Character Selection: There are three characters within one server. You can select any character and click "Start Game" to play JXII.

6. Connecting to the JXII world: Loading screen will appear once after you finish choosing the character. Loading time may vary depending on your computer specs and your connection status. Let's get start with the JXII world!