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Spirit Stone System

Spirit Stone System is a system that allow you to extract attribute or option from hat, shirt, pant, accessory or weapon and input to another favorite equipment that you wanted.


Extraction Attribute:

You can extract attribute from equipment by require 2 items are Oristone and extractable equipment.


1. Oristone:

Oristone can be categorized into 3 classes which are Sky, Earth and Human. These 3 classes are refer to first, second and third attribute in the equipment. Each category of Oristone can be divided into High, Mid and Low type such as:

        * High Oristone can be used to extract level 7 attribute from equipment

        * Mid Oristone can be used to extract level 5-6 attribute from equipment

        * Low Oristone can be used to extract level 1-4 attribute from equipment

All Oristone categorized can be purchased from Grocery.


2. Extractable Equipment:

Only equipment make by Producing Skill or drop from monsters can be extracted. The equipment set or obtained from mission can't be extracted.


How to Extract Attribute:

Bring the Oristone and extractable equipment to GongZi family for extraction. The GongZi family is a family that responsible on extracted attribute. The GongZi family can found at XiangYang, YangZhou or Dali.



Click on "I want to extract Spirit Stone" after meet them than drag the extractable item and stone to the box. Click on "Strat" after prepair already.



  * The default extracting success rate is 60%, you can also add the addition item  (Moonlight, Meteor Tear , Calcedony) to increase the success rate.

  * The equipment will be vanished after successful. If you are extracting more than one attribute from the equipment, you will get Spirit Stone randomly even though successful or not.

  * The spirit stone extracted from armor only can be enchanced into armor. This rule is applied to weapon, headgear and pants as well. The spirit stone extracted from accessory will randomly assign to weapon, headgear, armor or pants.

  * You can also obtain Spirit Stone from the Battlefield and Killer hall.


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SoulGather Caldron:

SoulGather Caldron is the legendary tool which use to absorb spirit energy. All spirit stones and recipes obtained from mission and event will be stored directly into SoulGather Caldron. Right click on it to check or take out the spirit stone which stored inside the caldron.


1. How to take out Spirit Stone and Recipe:

The spirit stone and recipe obtained from mission and event will be classified by SoulGather Caldron based on the level of stone or recipe. The attribute of stone or recipe will be randomized depend on level of stone or recipe that you want to take out.


Right click on SoulGather Caldron than choose "What Spirit Stone do I have" or "What Spirit Recipe do I have" and it will show level of stone or recipe that you had, so you can take out stone or recipe as you wanted.


2. Appoint Special Attribute:

You can select stone attribute for Hat, Armor, Pant or Weapon as you wanted by right click on SoulGather Caldron -> select "Redeem appointed Spirit Stone and Spirit Recipe" -> select on Spirit Stone or Spirit Recipe that you want to obtained.


You can also obtain rare item Moonlight and Universe Yellow Stone for increse success rate of extacting attribute by spending 5 units of level 5 Spirit Stone for 1 rare item. These rare items are very useful when you are doing fusion


3. Convert to Advance Spirit Stone or Spirit Recipe:

Furthermore, you can use the lower level Spirit Stone or Recipe to convert into high level Spirit Stone or Recipe by using the SoulGather Caldron.
For example, you can use 5 units of level 4 spirit stone to convert 1 unit level 5 spirit stone.


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